ElectriciansIf you desperately need help from competent and very hard working electricians you can without any hesitation stop your search. We encourage you to trust our technicians and to forget about all kinds of electric problems.

Our experience in working in this industry helps us whenever we come across difficult situations or a problem that needs to be solved. No one expects you to be a professional electrician and for that reason we are welcoming you to receive the most adequate assistance from electricians in the London area. We guarantee that the electricians possess all the technical skills that are required and that they can handle the problems in your home in the fastest, safest way. You should not be worried about the fact that you have an old electrical system because we have trained them to cope with both old and new ones.


  • Odd Jobs£45/h
  • Furniture Assembly£45/h
  • Fit Blinds and Curtains£45/h
  • Repair Bath Fan£45/h

The electricians are ready to perform a wide range of specific procedures and to respond quickly to customers’ needs. We can easily install your lights or, if needed, we can repair them without any difficulty. We can easily deal with transformers and switches and with the installation of any lighting designs. The intelligent electricians are capable of installing wires, a variety of smoke detectors as well as fire alarms. If any emergent case appears we will come as soon as possible in your home or commercial premises and we will fix the problem, no matter of its seriousness.

Here is a list of our mostly used electrical services:

General electrical installation – We are able to safely connect newly built properties and garages to the local power grid and perform partial or complete rewiring in accordance with all electric wiring regulations. We can also install additional sockets, television or telephone points anywhere in your house, connect your burglar alarms, security cameras and lighting systems. We can also upgrade your fuse board, in order to meet all strict electrical standards.

Wiring – Along with proper maintenance and properly working circuit breakers you will also need wires that can handle the power that is being distributed to all parts of the house. Fully functional wiring allows the accomodation to use more devices. By changing them you can rest assured that your wires will not overload or spark a fire.

Fuse box replacement – Many houses in the UK haven’t yet received a fuse box replacement and rely on old wiring. If the enclosure of your old fuse box is made of plastic, that means that your home is at a high risk of fire. Our technicians can easily come and set up a metal-clad fuse box that will pass even the strictest of regulations.

Electrical fault finding – Did you know that lightning storms are not your electrical installation’s only enemy. In fact, it is much more common than you think. that the reason for malfunction are worn or torn cables, corrosion, overloading circuits, accidental damage or environmental hazard (burst pipes). Our technicians will quickly locate and resolve the issue.

Switches, sockets and transformers installation – A single power strip can potentially cause serious damage to your sockets or even your entire electrical system. Our technicians will make your house safe again by installing new sockets and thoroughly checking your whole installation.

Dimmer switch installations – Dimmer lights can do wonders for the atmosphere in one’s home. Sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace, drinking wine and much more comes to mind when we think of them. However, fixing those is far from easy. Unlike all other lights, dimmer lights involve many wires that best be handled by a professional electrician.

Lighting installations – whether you want to customise the lighting in your home or make it more energy efficient, rely on our service. Our electricians can handle any installation with no problem, no matter how big or small. We create lighting solutions that fit all your personal needs and requirements best.

Generator repairs – Generators are a convenient solution for power outages so you want them in perfect condition. Whether you need a generator installation or repair, our teams will be there for you. Generators are the perfect backup energy source so you should maintain them properly. Let us help you with this.

Whole house Surge protection – It is common that most houses have power strips for one or two outlets for a living room or a home office. However, whole house surge protection is a level-up, as they provide safety for the whole house. Not only this covers all your appliances and outlets but also prolongs their lifespan.
Electrical testing is another service that is provided by the electricians, the possibility for which comes as a great advantage for our customers. Do not miss the great electricians and book the service from us immediately. We are awaiting you with the outstanding offers and very reasonable prices.

We strongly suggest you do not attempt any electrical work on your own. It is extremely dangerous if you don’t have enough experience, the right tools and knowledge. Trust our electricians and they will do all the work for you in a safe, professional manner.

Here is why choosing our company would be the best decision:

  • We hire competent and qualified technicians to be sure that every job is done to high standards;
  • Booking is very easy;
  • Our technicians have gone through a thorough screening process. They are insured and bonded, too.
  • Our services come at highly economical prices so that you do not have to worry about stressing your budget.
  • Our sessions are done in a quick and efficient manner so that you can be sure that all of your requirements will be met.
  • We provide a neat and tidy service , without making a mess in your house.

Call us now and talk to one of our office agents about your problem. They will give you advice and help you pick the service that will best suit your needs and particular situation. They are more than capable of giving you a quote. Whenever you talk to them, don’t forget to share any details about the job in hand. This will help them pick the best team for the task. Our booking process is very easy. All you need to do is to give us a call and our customer care team will give you a formal estimate straight over the phone: 020 3745 4375