Floor Sanding Streatham, SW16

Floor SandingOur professional floor sanding services in Streatham, SW16 will help you keep the top condition of your floor. Our experts have years of experience in delivering floor sanding services.

You can maintain your wooden floor in a perfect condition, using the floor sanding services, which our company offers. Our floor sanding technicians will remove the outer layer from your boards, buffing all defects and imperfections on them. Use our professional floor sanding services and your floor will have the same glamorous and attractive look it used to have before. Our technicians are supplied with the latest sanders and high-quality sandpaper, which will sand down all areas in your floor. Our floor sanding services are provided seven days in the week in Streatham, SW16, London. They are affordable and done by trustworthy technicians.

Floor Sanding Services in Streatham

My floor looks like brand new. Thanks a lot.

The parquet in the living room was a bit dark, now it is shiny again!

Great dust-free floor sanding service! You guys are amazing!



  • Floor Sanding from Only £14 £12/m2
  • Floor Sanding and 3 coats of clear lacquer from £17 £15/m2
  • Extra coat of lacquer, hardwax, oil or stain from £5 £4/m2

    Our Floor Sanding Includes:

    Our excellent floor sanding services in Streatham include:

    • Free estimate of the condition of your floor and the floor sanding procedures it needs
    • Applying coarse-grade sandpaper with a belt sander to remove bigger imperfections and marks on your floor
    • Removing scratches, dents and smaller unevenness with medium-grade sandpaper
    • The tiniest defects and roughness will be made smooth and vanish from your floor, using fine-textured sandpaper
    • Removing the dust from your floor
    • Your wooden floor will be ready for applying a sealant

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      Floor Sanding2After being repaired and all the gaps on your wooden floor are filled, our technicians will remove the external layer of stains, old waxes, oils and finishes from your floor. The floor sanding includes three stages, in which three types of sandpaper are applied, using modern belt sanders. In the beginning, coarse-grade sandpaper removes all dents, small holes and visible defects from your floor. Then all scratches and scuffs are scraped from your wooden floor with medium-grade sandpaper. The sanding process is completed with fine-textured sandpaper. If your have hardwood, softwood, or other type of wooden floor, you can use our floor sanding services in Streatham.

      Floor Sanding Prices

      Our special offer of 10% off of regular prices applies to all our services. Give us a call for additional information.

      We can offer you the most competetitive prices in the industry. If you find a better price just call us and we will beat it!

      Floor Sanding Price List
      Standard Floor Sanding£14/m2 £12/m2
      Floor Sanding and 3 coats of clear lacquer from£17/m2 £15/m2
      Extra coat of lacquer, hardwax, oil or stain from£5/m2 £4/m2

      Professional Floor Sanding Streatham

      After removing all nails and objects, which may obstruct the sanding process, our technician will sand all areas in your wooden floor. Applying three types of sandpaper with advanced belt sanders, all imperfections and defects will vanish from your timbers. Our floor sanding technicians will start the sanding with coarse-grade and finish it, using fine-textured sandpaper. You can be sure that your floor will be refreshed, restored and in some cases even in a better condition than it used to be when you installed it. We provide our floor sanding services in Streatham, SW16 from Monday to Sunday. Call us and order them any time you need them done in your commercial or residential property.